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Accounting& Bookkeeping

No matter what size your company is, you need someone skilled to keep track of the financial aspects of your business. This critical function needs managing, and many larger companies employ full-time bookkeeping staff which is an expensive luxury today. Others use the ad-hoc services of local accountancy firms, which is an option; however, they may not always be available when you need them and will often require you to go to them for meetings. It’s neither efficient nor cost-effective.

Saving money on an essential core function like accountancy and bookkeeping is entirely possible and, at the same time, getting more value for cost. It’s an unbeatable combination.

You could save substantially on your accountancy costs or continue paying through the nose for less. It is worth considering.

Why BookKeeping?
In Pakistan the rules and regulations around Taxation require all companies to maintain books and records with complete accuracy in order to comply with Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) regulations. It is important to maintain your records accurately and submit your returns on time to avoid penalties.

ZJCo’s accounting team is fully experienced with tax compliant accounting and bookkeeping practices.

You can move forward with confidence, knowing the decisions you make are based on a solid foundation of accuracy.

Zahid Jamal & Co guarantees that the accounting & bookkeeping service which we deliver will give you the clarity you need to make the correct decisions for the success of your business.

You understand your business best. However, if it is very small operation, it is impossible for you to scrutinize every function, but they do need attention, or if ignored will bring problems.

Businesses move fast today, and decisions need to be faster. Doing the right thing depends on having accurate intelligence to hand quickly, supplied by a team of accountancy specialists backed by Seniors who have a vested interest in delivering you the best services available on the planet every time.

Saving money on an essential core function like accountancy and bookkeeping is entirely possible and, at the same time, getting more value for cost. It’s an unbeatable combination.

You know your company needs to evolve, not just to survive but grow and embrace the changes around you. If you do that with ZJCo supporting you, you will be ahead of the competition every time.

With ZJCo, we have a talented team of professionals and experts waiting to do as much or as little as you need us to handle. There are no full-time wage costs, annual increases, sick pay, or vacation pay. You can save up to 80% of your regular costs. It’s all included in one of the packages we offer, or we can create a unique package to fit your specific needs.

Accounting Options:

⦁ Onsite Accounting
If you prefer that all work is performed on your premises, our staff will visit your office to perform the work.

⦁ Remote Accounting
Courier or electronically share with us your documents and our accounting team will work in our head office. Electronic sharing of documents is the easiest, fastest, and most economical method.

⦁ Customized Accounting
We have another option where we can merge the above options in a way which works for your business. Please speak with us to see how we can meet your requirements.

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Hello? Is There Anyone?

We are there 24/7/365 and ready to respond to your questions or queries. Plus, we offer a video-link facility, which means we can chat face-to-face, which is much better than a phone call. We can share and discuss a document on the screen, so we are always on the same page with you.

Our team of experts is based in our virtual head office, but with modern international telephone quality, it’s as easy as calling a friend nearby.

We handle everything an in-house accountant does. From payroll, data recording, reports, and the organization required for tax submissions or end of year reporting.

⦁ Bookkeeping Features
⦁ Transactions and sales / purchases processing.
⦁ General ledger posting.
⦁ Bank reconciliations.
⦁ Cost center reporting.
⦁ Generation of monthly P&L, Balance Sheet, Trial Balances, and General Ledgers.
⦁ Management Accounting
⦁ Internal controls.
⦁ Operational audit.
⦁ Risk management.