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Drainage of in house work to outsourcings

The corporate environment is going to change in this age of globalization. Even, well known largest corporations have decided to adapt outsourcing methodology.

From the youngest of startups to the largest companies, the most compelling reason to outsource is to save money, but the process may also result in shorter turnaround times, increased competency and sufficiency of activities and exercises, reduced risks, and, most importantly, allows the firm to focus on more essential duties. As new services are launched to the market, demand continues to rise, and businesses are continuously seeking for benefits to help them stay ahead of the competition.

There are many benefits to utilizing outsourced services in ZJCo such as cost-effective reliable, high-quality and technical assistance. To improve your tax, accounting, corporate, audit, litigation and bookkeeping services and expand your business, consider Zahid Jamal & Co and benefit from the top accounting and tax experts.

Avoid surprises

Accounting Services

We provide precise and complete accounting services to organizations of all sizes, from sole proprietorships to partnerships and corporations. As well as completely adaptable solutions to meet a wide range of business requirements while adhering to local laws and international financial reporting standards.

• Bookkeeping vide desktop and online accounting software
• Bank/Cash and Inventory reconciliation
• Preparation of periodic financial statements
• Interna and External Audit support
• Specialized management reporting
• Compiling financial projections
• Attending your board meetings to present financial results
• Attending tax authorities meetings to defend tax and corporate complications

Fiscal guidance

HR / Payroll Management

HR/payroll management outsourcing services are coupled to manage a wide variety of operations that would otherwise be handled by various vendors. Recruiting and training, payroll processing, benefit plan management, and administration are all examples of these responsibilities. Our services may be advantageous;

⦁ Payroll management, fund disbursement and payslip distribution
⦁ Legislative compliance
⦁ Recruiting and training
⦁ Manuals of HR Policies and Procedures

Professional Employee Outsourcing (PEO) can economize some of the most challenging aspects of your business. It can give a business access to superior services than it could find or create on its own

Our professional employee services, that can be delivered onsite, include;

⦁ CFO / Finance Manager
⦁ ERP – System Administrator
⦁ Company Secretary
⦁ Tax Compliance Officer
⦁ HR Manager
⦁ Other highly technical staff


Agility & speed

Services for Startups

Our local experience combined with a network of professionals in Pakistan, ensures in providing hassle-free services to clients in any territory they want. Our suite of finance, accounting, tax, payroll, and HR services is designed to overcome the obstacles associated with your new venture, giving you peace of mind, realizing that we have made you agree with all principles and guidelines, with a top-of-the-line answer for all your everyday operational needs.

We offer individualized services or advisory packages to fit your unique needs, schedule, and budget.

Our business startup services include:

Business Plan: Helping you to have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish with your business.

Capital Required: We specialize in assembling required data for your presentation to financial institutions and other investors.

Business Structuring: It’s not easy to determine what type of business entity to set up, and it has an impact on your finance, protection and your credibility.

Business Incorporation: include legal formation, licencing, getting notices of compliance, registering with authorities, and certifications.

HR Management: Recruitment, remuneration planning, employee orientation, training, and incentivization.

Accounting Procedures: ZJCo can help you choose the finest accounting software and system, deploy it, and instruct your staff on how to use it effectively.

Risk and Compliance: Our risk and compliance services, which also include sales tax, corporation tax, personal tax, legislative compliance services, and internal audit, assist new companies in managing their legal and compliance concerns.

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