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Corporate & Secretarial Compliance

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Corporate & Secretarial Compliance

We ensure that you and/or your business comply with the responsibilities required by law.

⦁ Strategic financial advice in addition to being aware of the company’s financial situation.
⦁ Keep records of financial transactions.
⦁ Financial knowledge.
⦁ Support with all of your accounting needs

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Why Does a Business Need Company Secretarial Services?

Company or corporate secretarial services pertain to legal administration of a business, so that the function of keeping it compliant with local regulations is apportioned as an ongoing activity. In a company, maintaining its secretarial tasks, like holding board meetings and filing mandatory reports is critical. Failure to file reports and taxes, and to maintain account books, can leave the company vulnerable to fines or cause it to lose its legal standing. Not to mention, corporate secretarial services guide a company to follow the best practices in business.

Our Services:
We offer the following company secretarial services;

⦁ Maintaining registers of shareholders and directors
⦁ Managing annual state filings
⦁ Maintaining annual minutes and registers
⦁ Conducting board meetings and circulating briefing documents
⦁ Preparing and filing annual reports with the Department of State
⦁ Handling transfer of shares and issues of share certificates
⦁ Preparing and filing entity changes like name change, mergers, by-laws, charter amendments, etc.
⦁ Keeping track of impending statutory filing deadlines.
⦁ Statutory Filing for Change of directors, issue of share, increase in authorized capital etc.

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Who We Are?

In an increasingly complex world, we help intricate systems function, adapt and evolve so they can deliver sustained outcomes for communities and society whether they are capital markets, tax systems or the economic systems within which business and society exist.

As the COVID-19 pandemic affected people, business and societies around the world, there is a growing realisation that we will not be returning to the old normal. We have the opportunity to choose a new normal where economic and social progress are aligned.

Creating a common purpose will help to steer business through the next stage of evolution, as the systems upon which economies and societies depend are disrupted and evolve.

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