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Tax Consultancy:

Tax Consultancy:
Do you want to improve the financial security of your organization, then you should search for a competent tax consultant. There are many tax consultancies in the market, the best tax consultancy firm is Zahid Jamal & Co.

Let us introduce you to our firm.

In Pakistan, knowledge regarding the taxation process is not readily available, making it difficult for individuals and businesses to deal with them. We provide services that cover all the essential services one may require to run their business, including legally; tax consultancy, accounting service, company registration, E-Fillings, etc., as well as all things related to the taxation department. You can rely on our proficient team for all your tax needs.

Our Tax Consultancy Service:

Every resident has the choice to demand against accuse experts exercises of regard to a cost assessment or variety of obligations. You should consider connecting if you suspect that the trained professionals have not followed standards or procedures. What can and can’t be sought after against changes extensively. Demands have many designs, dependent upon the issue, and should be recorded by straightforward rules and plans.

An appeal can be seen as a request to require one more once-over at a decision, the resident’s situation, and the impact of any choice.

Services We Provide:

We offer the services which are best for your case some of the points are followed,

Assist with separating confirmation of the best method for managing to be used for the situation cycle and drafting the interest for you considering the best and most critical disputes for the challenged circumstance;

Support if doing the most legitimate philosophy that presents the most grounded charge, legal and valuable disputes to be used in drafting an appeal.
Ace depiction before the Tax Authorities.

Federal and Provincial Tax:

Zahid Jamal & Co is an experienced in planner of FED, Federal and Provincial Indirect Tax and ensuring compliance with Federal and Provincial authorities including dealing of supplies/services treatment under the Sales Tax Act, 1990, ICT (Sales Tax on Services) Ordinance, 2001, Punjab Sales Tax on Services Act, 2012, KPK Sales Tax on Services Act 2022, Balochistan Sales Tax Act, 2015 and The Sindh Sales Tax on Services Act 2012

Agility & speed

Our Tax Consultancy Service:

We provide you with the best services that you deserve. Our tax consultants are experts specializing in financial and taxation laws counseling. We work advising clients on individual income tax returns and business income tax. We will help you deal with different economic issues, including trust, domain, and retirement charges. Also, we keep our clients updated on any changes being made in federal and provincial laws regarding taxation.

Our tax consultancy service is all about providing you with a quality solution for your tax regards. Our service includes;

⦁ Tax advisory
⦁ Income and Sale Tax Refund
⦁ Providing ways for deduction to lower your tax amount
⦁ Limiting your tax liability after retirement
⦁ Managing charges on investment property pay
⦁ Dealing with your capital increase taxes
⦁ Professional Expert advice on financial and tax matters
⦁ Setting up income tax return forms for individuals, industries, and partnerships.
⦁ All kinds of Tax Audits (including sales, income, and transactional audits)
⦁ Yearly, monthly, and quarterly business statement preparation as per client request.

Income Tax:
Our team is here to save you from working illegally and provide quality services as per government rules and regulations. We make sure that our team provides you with the best professional service that you need. We are proficient in providing Online income tax services to our clients for their convenience.

The income tax is a tax imposed by the government on the income generated by the citizens and businesses. It is mandatory to be paid. According to the rules and regulations set by the government is obligatory to file an income tax return annually.

Dealing with income tax filling is different for every citizen, depending upon whether you are a businessman/employer, a lay individual, or a technical professional. We work with all, providing the same professional service for your income tax filing without regarding your grade or work.

• E-filing of Annual Income Tax Returns of various salary, Business Individuals companies and AOPs;
• Tax compliance, Tax planning and Tax Advisory services;
• Calculations of Income Tax and Withholding Tax liabilities of companies for vendors and salary;
• E-filing of monthly, quarterly and annual WHT statements of companies and Monthly Sales Tax Return;
• Obtaining NTN certificates of Companies, AOP, s and employees from FBR;
• Preparation of Tax deduction certificates of vendors and employees;
• Refund applications and follow up for clients;
• Arranging exemption certificates;
• Advice on taxation & withholding tax provisions applicable on non-residents & permanent establishment of non-resident persons;
• Attendance for clients before Commissioner Inland Revenue, Chief Commissioner Inland Revenue and other taxation authorities;
• Appeals before Commissioner Inland Revenue & Appellate Tribunal Inland Revenue;
• Stay applications before Commissioner Inland Revenue (Enforcement), Commissioner Inland Revenue (Appeals), Appellate Tribunal.

Individual Income Tax:
Personal income tax or individual tax is levied on an individual’s salary and wages or any source of income he is getting.

Zahid Jamal & Co provides services for employers for employer-sponsored programs, or you can avail of the service individually.

We provide specifically designed solutions to your tax obligations and needs so that you can maintain compliance with tax filing laws. That is why we are here to help you with.

Business And Employers Income Tax Services:
Individuals and businesses also have to pay income tax on the revenue generated. This type of income tax depends upon the business structure. Shareholders or the owners first account for their business income and then take out the operational and capital expenses. While you may not know much about business income tax, our tax consultants and experts do! We work to make you achieve your long-term goals.

With our professional tax experts, secure the maximum financial reward you deserve. The following are just an example of services we provide for business entities and individuals;

Tax Appeals and Litigation:
Every business requires good support in tax appeals, and litigation also plays an essential role in the brand image.

ZJCo is here to provide you with the best. We investigate the explanation in the differentiation of appraisal, allow conversation organizations concerning opportunities of a successful outcome, help the essential frameworks would it be wise for you to decide to go on with charge solicitations and indictment, and arrangement appeal on the most capable strategy to uncover the assessment notice to everyone.

Our challenging and fast group integrates support from the charge survey shield through the cost solicitations and arraignment processes for the good of you.

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